Telemetry Solution


A digital and integrated platform with the future in mind; enabling visibility that will drive reliability and efficiency in the pharma supply chain.

Our integrated telemetry solution is a unique service platform

By integrating our telemetry solution into our containers, we have created a unique platform providing a window into the condition of the shipment. The gained visibility allow informed decisions and proactive measures to drive reliability and efficiency in the pharma supply chain together with our partners.

Our vision for visibility

  • Support the path of excellence in the supply chain in terms of reliability and efficiency 
  • Achieve and easily demonstrate integrity and safety of pharma products throughout the supply chain

Visibility with actionable data 

Our platform provides real-time condition alerts and access to relevant reports when needed; allowing intervention during shipment, improving processes, and reducing risks where applicable.

With the future in mind
The telemetry platform is dynamic and flexible making it easy to add applications and services to meet future demands.

Since last year, Envirotainer has successfully initiated pilots with integrated solution in collaboration with partners.