Active Container Data (ACD)

For temperature-sensitive products, Envirotainer offers a service that records crucial shipment data and enables the shipper to improve the quality of the product cold chain: Active Container Data (ACD) Service.

The ACD service is available on the Envirotainer RKN e1 and RAP e2 containers - active, self-regulating containers with compressor cooling and electrical heating.

User benefits:

  • Temperature monitoring (ambient and air inside container)
  • Access to event history for each shipment door-to-door
  • Partner assessment
  • Redundancy to existing measuring equipment
  • Shipment documentation
  • Visibility of the cold chain
  • Possibility to identify weak points and work proactively to minimize deviations

How does it work?
The system monitors ambient temperature as well as air temperature inside the container. Furthermore, the system logs battery level as well as opening and closing of the container doors.

Shipment data is logged during transportation and, upon arrival, transferred via an easy-to-use hand-held IR reader to a PC. The received file is sent to Envirotainer for creation of a two-page report. The report is sent back to the customer within two working days. Please note that the report contains non-validated data.

Software applications
Software installation of Envirosaver is necessary to retrieve the downloaded file from the IR reader. 

Tehnical specifications
Data logging:

  • Frequency every 10 minutes
  • Maximum shipment duration 20 days

IR reader
The IR reader will store data for up to the equivalent of 15 typical four day shipments.

Stations providing downloads:

  • AMS
  • ATL
  • BOS
  • BRU
  • BSL
  • CDG
  • DUB
  • DXB
  • EWR
  • FCO
  • FRA
  • HKG
  • ICC
  • JFK
  • KIX
  • LGG
  • LAX
  • LHR
  • MAN
  • MEL
  • MUC
  • NRT
  • ORD
  • PHL
  • SFO
  • SIN
  • SJU
  • SYD
  • TLV
  • VIE
  • YYZ
  • ZHR


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