Jakob Jarl, Customer Experience Manager

I was intrigued by the way the employees spoke about the company; the quality of the products, the pride of the history and at the same time a clear focus on the future.

What made you interested in Envirotainer?

In 2014, I was working at an office coffee company when I attended a seminar hosted by a potential supplier. One of the companies that presented a reference case was Envirotainer. Sitting there listening, I felt that Envirotainer was an interesting company and I wanted to hear more about. After the presentations, I approached the Envirotainer employees that did the presentation, and after that – I knew that I wanted to become a part of Envirotainer. I was intrigued by the way the employees spoke about the company; the quality of the products, the pride of the history and at the same time a clear focus on the future.

My background is studying Law and Business Administration in Sweden, China and the U.S. I started to keep track of job opening at Envirotainer that matched my educational background. Luckily for me, Envirotainers strong growth resulted in many job openings and I could call myself an Envirotainer employee after only a few months.

What earlier experiences and knowledge do you bring to the Cold Chain market?

When I started at Envirotainer, I was all new to this industry. At first, it was a bit overwhelming with information. The cold chain industry is so niched, and my new employees were all so knowledgeable. My previous employer was, as mentioned, in the office coffee industry. In most aspects, coffee and pharma logistics are obviously rather different. However, there were similarities between my old and new employer too. Both companies were clear market leaders and were constantly challenged by competitors. Both had a good product as a foundation but needed to provide excellent service and knowledge in order to stay attractive in the market and deliver the proactive partnership.

I used to work as a management assistant and with communications. As a management assistant, I had a great opportunity to learn from senior mentors within all departments. Following the challenges within and between different departments was very enlightening. In the cold chain industry, it’s often several stakeholders involved, not only different departments and opinions but often also several companies. I would say that the most important thing I bring with me is the need for a cross-functional and cross-company collaboration. This is something that can only be achieved with good communication.

Before joining the marketing department and my current role, I had other positions at Envirotainer in the commercial department. I’m very happy that I spent time in the sales department for a while, as it made me realize what our customers need from us in a very good way. These are learnings I take with me and it’s something that’s influencing my job a lot.

How does a day in your work life look?

I recently relocated with Envirotainer: from the HQ in Sweden to our office in Singapore. I’m part of Envirotainer´s marketing department, and since our APAC region is growing rapidly, I’m here to represent the marketing department locally.

Once the opportunity to change 30°F to 30°C opened up, I thought about it for a few seconds and then I started packing my bag. Sweden is amazing in many ways, but the winter is long and dark, and Singapore is such an amazing place. It’s a personal adventure that I’m very happy to have been offered. 

My main areas of responsibilities as a customer experience manager are sales training and customer insights. I’m also working close to a great team of Commercial Support Managers that are delivering high-quality support to our commercial team, and always keeping the customers´ need in focus. 

One of the things I appreciate the most with being in Singapore is that I’m one step closer to the actual business, which of course helps me understand our business better. I also hope that I’m adding some value to the team in Singapore from my time at the HQ.

What does team spirit mean to you?

The people at Envirotainer are spread across the world. We have different people from different languages and cultures so having team spirit is a must. It’s not something that just happens or that you can force, you need to want it. I’m reminded every day of Envirotainer’s team spirit. We have people here really care about each other, the product and service we deliver, and most importantly the end customer and a safe product for the patients.

For me, the team spirit given from the APAC team was very apparent when I moved to Singapore. I was alone in a new country and it can be very scary or challenging at first for most people. But all my colleagues in Singapore have been so nice and welcoming, trying to teach me all local customs and of course tricking me into eating too spicy food.

What advice would you give to future colleagues?

I find it so interesting to be a part of the logistics industry. Logistics, in general, is changing with new technologies and e-commerce. Companies like the ones of Amazon and Alibaba (or a company that hasn’t even been founded yet) could disrupt the industry. Pharma logistics could evolve with new products coming to the market and new regulations, for example. 


(Article updated 12/6/2018 11:58:43 AM)

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