Diane Onken, Global Key Account Manager

I was always impressed by the fact that Envirotainer was considered a leader in the cold chain industry.

What made you interested in Envirotainer?

I was very interested in working for a global organization. I was always impressed by the fact that Envirotainer was considered a leader in the cold chain industry. I have been passionate about patient safety and protecting products for years and wanted to work for an organization that shared my passion.

What earlier experiences and knowledge do you bring to the Cold Chain market?

While working for FedEx Custom Critical, I learned a lot about how product moves through an airline network. I also have years of experience with trucking high-value products. This operational experience has made me a better resource to pharma companies and service providers today. I not only take the time to understand their needs, but I have first-hand experience of how to move product from door to door in a safe, secure and timely manner. I am a very resourceful, honest team member and my clients appreciate that.

How does a day in your work life look?

I am always looking to educate myself on the regulatory challenges that this industry faces. I have worked hard to try to educate myself on capabilities across the globe. I spend a lot of time trying to understand the needs of my clients and how Envirotainer can support them globally. A typical day is spent listening to the needs of my existing customers, hunting new opportunities and researching pharma companies and their products. I also have regular dialogue with my colleagues globally to learn from them and try to share information.

What does team spirit mean to you?

Team spirit is a core value that means the most to me. I left Envirotainer for a short period of time. What I missed most when I left was the people. Envirotainer has great products and services but the spirit of the team is why we succeed. I know that I can reach out to any one of my colleagues across the globe and they will help me if I or a client needs it. The spirit of our team and our coming together for the good of a customer is how we do the impossible.

What advice/s would you give to future colleagues?

Have the desire to do something bigger than yourself. Always keep an open mind and be willing to change. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to speak up, just be respectful in how you communicate. Lead by example!