Being a true and trustworthy partner

At Envirotainer we have the competence, experience and the motivation to drive the sustainability agenda within our industry. Despite that, we cannot on our own achieve the systematic changes that are required since it is beyond the capabilities of individual companies.

Collaboration and innovation within our eco-system to actively expand economic, environmental and social sustainability.

To drive real change, we believe that we must work together, in line with our core value of Team Spirit. Envirotainer is the primary and trusted partner chosen by pharma, airlines and forwarders when developing new innovations and solutions that aim at increasing the overall environmental, social and economic performance of the complete value-chain. We aim to continue to drive vertical cooperation within our value-chain.

For Envirotainer, this implies a holistic industry perspective to drive change on a system level towards more sustainable solutions. We believe that we are stronger when we work together, sharing our knowledge and developing new solutions by engaging with our stakeholders. We collaborate and interact with a variety of stakeholder groups around the globe, to make a meaningful positive impact.

Our stakeholder groups include:

  • Customers and end-customers (ex. airlines, forwarders, Pharma companies)
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Owners
  • Financial community
  • Local communities
  • Regulators and government

Strategic Objectives

  • Closer partnerships with pharma to increase trust based on Envirotainer’s core values and our track record of always available and reliable solutions.
  • Increased collaboration with key stakeholders to set joint objectives, increase bi-lateral transparency to develop more resource efficient solutions.
  • Position as the “industry leader” - innovating products and services for the pharma cold chain, including development of new and innovative digital services based on container positioning and sensor data.


Availability, % of trips On Time In Full - OTIF 99.5 100.0 99.9
# of people trained in the Envirotainer academy 6,557 6,181 7,141

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