Being the best place to work

As a company founded in Sweden, social responsibility is deeply rooted in the core of our business. At Envirotainer, the employees are the backbone of our success. Therefore, we strive to be the best place to work, with a value-driven high-performance organization and best in class employee satisfaction.

Being an attractive employer with healthy, diverse and engaged employees to foster a value driven high-performance culture.

In order to achieve that, we need to continuously improve our attractiveness by cultivating a company culture where we foster healthy, diverse and engaged employees. Our employees and customers are global, and we depend on understanding the perspectives of different markets and people. Research shows that diverse, equal and inclusive businesses perform better by improved innovation capability, decision-making and more satisfied employees.

For Envirotainer, this implies:

  • A safe, healthy and value-driven workplace with clearly integrated Core Values.
  • High employee engagement and satisfaction resulting in innovative and high-performance teams.
  • Focus on performance management and people development to make sure we have outstanding leaders and employees.
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace, with equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Sharing the financial success of the company through bonus programs for all employees.

Strategic Objectives

  • Continuous improvement of employee survey results year by year.
  • Improved gender mix.
  • Increase the proportion of women in managerial positions.


This is a great place to work, % 84 78 82
Total result from survey (Trust index), % 79 76 75
“My Manager”-index, % 88 84 83
Employee survey response rate, % 98 98 99
Gender balance in Board of Directors, share of women % 0 0 0
Gender balance in Management Group, share of women % 13 13 25
Gender balance in leadership positions, share of women % 23 16 15
Gender balance among employees, share of women % 29 27 27
Employee turn-over, % 12 7 9
Absenteeism, % 2.5 3.7 3.0

Read more about our Core Values, Employee Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion and Employee Development in the Sustainaiblity Report 2021.

(Article updated 4/27/2023 1:24:30 PM)