Ensuring access to Pharma-euticals

Access to pharmaceuticals can be the difference between life and death for millions of people around the globe. As many pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive, uninterrupted distribution via a trustworthy, patient safe and cost-efficient cold chain is of critical importance to the pharma industry and to patients.

Ensuring uninterrupted patient-safe and cost-efficient global access to pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical product loss during transportation affects peoples’ access to life-saving solutions and also has the largest environmental impact on the complete pharma value-chain. Envirotainer’s cold chain solutions for patient safe and cost-efficient distribution of sensitive pharmaceuticals minimizes those risks and costs.

This is the single most important contribution to society of Envirotainer’s business, and in this quest Envirotainer strives to;

  • Ensure global availability of a patient safe, cost-efficient and trustworthy pharma distribution cold chain.
  • Minimize the risk of product tampering and theft by providing thorough processes, products and operations.

Strategic Objectives

  • Together with our partners, we help our customers make around 2 million doses of medicines and vaccines available all over the world, every day.
  • We continuously improve the cost-efficiency per dose delivered, to contribute to affordable access to pharmaceuticals.
  • We safeguard patient safety by delivering 100% reliability, ensuring zero temperature excursions during shipments, maximum product safety as well as having a rigid system to detect product tampering.
  • We simplify access to critical pharmaceuticals by having a broad global supply-chain network and give peace of mind to our customers by offering an outstanding availability of containers


# of doses of pharmaceuticals delivered 625 million 595 million 630 million
% of trips without temperature deviations 99.9 99.9 99.4
Availability (% of trips on time in full) 99.5 100.0 99.9

(Article updated 4/27/2023 1:24:30 PM)