Envirotainer Increases e-Technology Capacity In Asia

April 4, 2017

e2Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain, today announced that they are increasing their e-technology network in Asia Pacific by adding Hong Kong (HKG) to the growing list of airports providing the flagship RAP e2 solution. This is part of Envirotainer’s strategy to enhance its e-technology capabilities in the region to meet the increasing demand.

“As part of our expansion across Asia we are pleased to add Hong Kong to our growing network of RAP e2 stations in the region” said Suat Toh, Head of Sales APAC. She continues, “We are always looking at how we can provide a better service to our customers. APAC is the fastest growing region when it comes to API, Biosimilars as well as CMO’s and the added RAP e2 capabilities in Hong Kong will significantly increase our ability to support the needs for secure temperature-controlled solutions.”

Recognizing Asia Pacific as the growing global pharmaceutical hub, Envirotainer has been broadening its presence by having stronger sales coverage in key markets, opening service stations in multiple countries, and strengthening its airline partnerships across the region.

Contact information:

Suat Toh
Head of Sales, Asia Pacific
Mobile: +65 98801103

About Envirotainer

Envirotainer is the global market leader in cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The company develops, manufactures and offers leasing of innovative container solutions, including validation, support and service for pharmaceutical products that require a controlled environment. Envirotainer operates through an open, global network of airlines and forwarders. The company headquarters is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit About us ».

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