Thomas Krumbein, Head of Operations EMEA

I am personally very proud that the EMEA region continues to deliver100% availability month after month! It is important to me, to be a trustworthy business partner.

What made you interested in Envirotainer?

I’d had contact with Envirotainer over the years in my previous work roles. Envirotainer, as a global market leader, is well-known for their high quality active cold chain solutions. I felt the passion in how the team delivered their service. When I joined Envirotainer, I was very impressed with the strong team spirit and immediately felt the honest and open company culture.

What earlier experiences and knowledge do you bring to the Cold Chain market?

The EMEA region is the largest global market for Envirotainer. Our customers need structured, scalable and sustainable solutions to meet the complex requirements involved in transporting life-saving solutions around the world. It’s been a pleasure to bring my two decades of freight forwarding experience to Envirotainer. This 3PL/4PL knowledge allows me to better serve our customers as we develop and manage complex processes.

How does a day in your work life look?

My first goal is to ensure we deliver what our customers expect from us. A key expectation is availability of our containers. Pro-active and demand-driven logistics fleet planning is the baseline work to reach this target. Availability means that we release the right containers, at the correct time and to the proper place. This logistical core activity links closely with our outstanding customer service team (now supported by 24/7 technical support), who support our customers. I am personally very proud that the EMEA region has delivered 100% availability for the past 30 months in a row! It is important to me, to be a trustworthy business partner.

What does trustworthiness mean to you?

Trustworthiness is the most important value to me. Trust can also be a ‘game changer’ and expeditor. Internally, the trust factor results in higher efficiency and faster decision making. Externally, our customers feel that they can count on us and what we commit to.

What advice/s would you give to future colleagues?

We can expect to see faster, more complex logistics process requirements from that side of our business.
Envirotainer is ready to meet these future challenges with our high-quality products and best in class team!