Jason Leong, Network Manager APAC

When I had the opportunity to visit the Singapore station, I witnessed firsthand the quality of work and high standards they delivered… I was impressed!

What made you interested in Envirotainer?

I have previous work experience in airport ramp operations and the military aerospace industry. While I enjoyed working in these fields for several years, I learned about Envirotainer when I thought about moving onto another chapter in my professional career.  I read about Envirotainer, and felt it was something special; to save lives by ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products as they are transported around the world.  When I had the opportunity to visit the Singapore station, I witnessed firsthand the quality of work and high standards they delivered… I was impressed!

What earlier experiences and knowledge do you bring to the Cold Chain market?

The operational experience obtained in my early career path was invaluable in a Part 145* environment. I enjoy working with compliance standard procedures and seem to have ‘an eye’ for operational improvement methods.  Working in a structured and systematic way also helps to ensure expeditious container turnaround times, while also providing good service to our customers.

How does a day in your work life look?

Our daily objectives include maintaining an efficient and safe working environment for the team in Singapore.  A key goal is to ensure that functional and reliable containers are consistently released to our customers.   The team follows a systematic approach in handling, inspecting, and repairing units to release them in the quickest timeframe possible. I am also specifically involved in the development of our team and goals in terms of standards, training needs and process improvement. The entire process is achieved in collaboration with the SIN (AMO) Quality Manager.

Which of the Envirotainer core values are most important if you have to pick one? 

Team Spirit! This is because team spirit has an incredible, long-term effect and is personally important to me.  My experience has been that overall performance and results are better when team spirit is strong. When teams feel ‘included’, many of the additional core values seem to fall into place.

What advice/s would you give to future colleagues?

My advice to future colleagues is to embrace change and be innovative to help drive the organization forward.  We all face rapid, day to day changes and we must offer agile solutions that will help meet future challenges. Envirotainer is indeed a great place to work!  Your teammates will always be there to support you.

*Part 145 Environment
Part 145 notes the regulations an accredited Aircraft (including Component Maintenance Organization (AMO) is approved against. An organization that possesses a Part 145 AMO approval, within its approved "scope of work", may approve aircraft and/or components for Release to Service after maintenance, repair and modifications etc. For containers, this means that the container may be accepted by an air operator for installation after being released from a Part 145 AMO. Please note: A container is considered to be a "Component" and requires maintenance & repairs to be released by a Part 145 AMO.