Moving Pharma Forward Seoul

October 29, 13:30 - 18:00
Lotte Hotel Seoul, 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, 100-721, Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is fast becoming one of the hot-spots in Asia-Pacific for the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the growth can be attributed to international pharmaceutical companies wanting to partner with local companies to benefit from the innovative pharma climate. Another contributing factor is the government’s ambitions to establish South Korea as a global biotech leader and the creation of the ‘Incheon Free Economic Zone’.

At the Moving Pharma Forward event in Seoul we will share insights about what the megatrends are that influence the pharmaceutical cold chain as well as on the implications of stricter regulatory demands that put higher requirements on safe, temperature-controlled transport.

During the day, we will run workshops to explore what the risks are when shipping cold chain products and what the factors are that need to be considered when determining the total cost of shipping temperature-sensitive products. We will share some of our learnings from shipping temperature-sensitive products across the globe for the past 30 years, as well as share our thoughts on how we see the future for temperature-controlled air freight evolving.

Why should you attend?

Cold chain logistics involves many stakeholders, rapid changes in the market, new regulations, and not least the usual risks that come with any kind of transport – delays, strikes, and bad weather. It is our ambition, by bringing the relevant stakeholders together for best practice sharing and collaboration, to provide pharmaceutical companies with secure and predictable cold chain logistics solutions.

Who should attend?

Different stakeholders will likely have slightly different views on what constitutes the best cold chain logistics solution for their specific needs. If you are a cold chain professional in the areas of quality management, regulatory or procurement in a Pharmaceutical company or a forwarder or airline cold chain expert, you should not miss this opportunity to engage with your counterparts.


Michael Park
Strategic Account Manager


Please let us know if you are interested to register for our event. Seats are limited and subject to availability.

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