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Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

The cold chain industry constantly develops - and so do we at Envirotainer. Welcome to our brand new website.

In close collaboration with our customers and partners, we have produced a new website that will further meet your communication needs. With new features and applications, such as faster navigation and new online planning tools, it assists you to be more agile and efficient in your daily work. We hope you find it valuable and easy to use.

Plan your trip

The Route Finder is a new online planning tool, supporting you with your preparations. Let us take you on a virtual global tour to explore leasing options, products and airports. You simply locate your route on the map to find the nearest Envirotainer stations and airports, together with the applicable container models and leasing types. You will also find valuable contact information to all Envirotainer stations here.

When you log-in to our user-friendly online booking system you can order a container when you need it. Based on the requirements of your goods, you choose the container type and quantity you need for your specific shipment. The online ordering system will propose a couple of different lease options and you can choose the package that best meets your requirements.

Increase your knowledge

In our resource center you will find valuable information to boost your cold chain knowledge bank. We provide you with an industry dictionary to keep up with the linguistic, as well as an Industry Insights center where we continuously provide you with the latest trends, facts and innovations. And if you want to further increase your expertise level, the Envirotainer Academy will serve you free courses to sign up for today.

Welcome to the cold chain community!

Where do you want to ship to?

We offer unbeatable logistics coverage from across the world. We have 50+ service stations globally, covering more than 300 airports, over 2,000 trade lanes, and have regional operations centers in APAC, EMEA, and Americas.

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Our Containers

To be sure we can meet your needs, we provide rentals of a wide range of temperature-controlled containers worldwide.

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Envirotainer Academy

To ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals and to meet the requirements of a more demanding regulatory landscape, we need to acknowledge that training and education plays a vital role in safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transport.

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