Pharma shipment from Italy to China

Mattias Isaksson Head of Marketing & Communications

Anything is possible when everyone works together which was proven last week when a very large amount of medicines needed to be shipped from Italy to China. This is what we call the eco-system that’s required to protect pharmaceuticals so that they reach the patients at the right time, in the right condition. Even if it is peak season for air freight everything went smoothly.

A global pharmaceutical company needed to ship a large amount of medicines from their production facility in Italy to their distribution center in China. In this case, they reached out to their preferred logistics provider, Kuhne + Nagel (K+N), to help them with this important shipment where nothing could go wrong. As K+N went through their risk assessment they reach the conclusion that there were two partners that could fulfill the requirements in this specific case when it came to air freight and the temperature-controlled shipment solution. AirBridgeCargo (ABC) was selected for the air freight and Envirotainer as the shipment solution provider.


One of the key challenges for this particular shipment of medicines was the share volume that needed to be shipped at one single time. Thanks to good dialogues between all involved parties, the 27 RKN e1 active containers where loaded in AirBridgeCargo’s freighter in less than one hour and safely on their way to China before any changes in weather could interfere with flight schedules.

If you would have tried to ship the same volume of medicines in a passive solution, it would have required something like another 2-3 Boeing 747 to fit it all because of all the insulation taking up space

“One key success factor to make this happen was choice to use Envirotainer’s active temperature-controlled units, the RKN e1 in this case. As these units are Unit Load Devices (ULD), they fit snuggly into the airplane and utilizes space extremely efficiently”, explains Claudio Caccia, Strategic Account Manager at Envirotainer. He continues, “If you would have tried to ship the same volume of medicines in a passive solution, it would have required something like another 2-3 Boeing 747 to fit it all because of all the insulation taking up space.”


“We are proud to be given this opportunity to demonstrate the quality of the pharma solutions we can provide together with our global partner- Envirotainer. And of course, we are also proud to have earned the trust of our customer for the organization of vaccines transportation. This is the latest demonstration of AirBridgeCargo’s and Envirotainer’s commitment to provide the best possible solution for customers requiring high quality pharma logistics”, highlighted Yulia Celetaria, Global Director, Pharma for AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

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Top 5 benefits of an active cold chain in pharma air freight

Global pharmaceutical regulatory requirements are becoming more strict and are beginning to extend into the transportation of pharmaceutical goods. Accordingly, airlines specializing in pharma transportation must offer logistics services that match those higher demands. For temperature-sensitive products, active cold chain packaging solutions are the safest choice and provide a means for airlines to build a strong brand.

Increasing peak season challenges for pharma cold chain

The pharmaceutical industry has for many years been a prioritized customer for the air freight sector, but the increasing volumes of e-commerce have changed the game, especially at peak season. Now, pharmaceutical companies face the risk of having their products left on the tarmac due to capacity constraints, while handbags and other luxury goods are shipped with higher-yield express delivery instead.

5 key steps to find the best pharma cold chain solution to reduce carbon emissions

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions. The largest share by far of all emissions occurs in production and purchase of raw materials, whereas logistics only makes up a fraction. The most environmentally friendly solution for pharmaceutical companies, when it comes to transportation, is therefore to ensure that pharmaceuticals reach their destination on time and in perfect condition. To dispose of and replace degraded products increase the carbon emissions dramatically, as well as put patients’ health and safety at risk. Quality managers focusing on operational excellence are paying more attention to the amount of discarded products in temperature-controlled transport. Below are 5 key steps to start with.

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