Doubling one-way lease options across the world

Mattias Isaksson Head of Marketing & Communications

We opened up 115% more one-way lease options for E-technology to support air freight of pharmaceuticals during these challenging times.

On March 31st, 2020, we opened up our logistics network and more than doubled the number of available one-way (network) lease options for our state-of-the art E-technology solutions, the RKN e1 and the RAP e2. This means that our customers now can choose from twice as many one-way trade lanes, utilizing our full network of more than 50 stations globally, to help deliver medicines to the people that depend upon them. In addition to alleviating some of the logistical challenges of finding space for the return of the units, doubling the number of one-way lease options also has a positive impact on CO2 emissions.


“Envirotainer currently offers the world’s largest fleet of temperature-controlled containers capable of shipping more than 140,000 pallets of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals every year. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic we’ve stepped up to help our customers when other solution providers have failed them”, explains Michael Berg, CEO Envirotainer. He continues, “Looking ahead, we believe that the challenges for air freight will persist for months to come. We have worked hard to find this logistical solution that allows us to expand our one-way offering to allow for more cold-chain stakeholders to be able to lease a safe and efficient solution without having to worry about getting the container back after the pharmaceuticals have been delivered.”

The new one-way options are available for booking right now in the Envirotainer Customer Portal. If you are not a current customer and would like to explore what one-way options are available from your location, please use the Route Finder or reach out to one of our Sales Representatives. If you would like to read more about what we are doing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please read here.