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Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

Meet Karin Torvenius. She’s on a mission to keep up the ultra-high standards of Envirotainer customer service in a sometimes chaotic world – and then push even further forwards. Because she knows that keeping airlines and freight-forwarders happy and in control means everything to their own customers and the people who rely on them.

They say that 80% of life – a successful life – is all about showing up. Just making yourself available as a parent, a friend, a manager or a colleague. It sounds far too simple, but being around when you are needed really is one of the most important things. And it’s 100% true with great customer service: whenever customers have a question or need help, you’re there for them.

Support is one call away

That’s the key to Envirotainer customer service, and the work of Karin Torvenius, Global Customer Service Manager: “We’re based in Singapore, Frankfurt and Dallas with additional cover in Stockholm, which means that we support customers across time zones and around the clock. With just one call or email, we’re there whenever our customers need us.” In a fast-moving, fast-changing world, that’s good to know.

Karin’s job is to make sure each customer service center and representative has the right systems and training in place to deliver a consistent, reliable experience for customers. As Karin says, “Whoever you reach — whatever the time — you should always get the same answer. We’ve made sure that everything is visible to our customer service around the world, so that all information is to hand.”

Sharing is caring

Collecting and sharing knowledge also means collecting and sharing the benefits for customers. Karin explains, “We collect and analyze data from our support cases. In our CRM system we can then follow up and see if we’re getting more questions about a certain topic. If so, we update the global knowledge bank used by our customer support services, which benefits all our customers around the world.”

Being available across different time zones isn’t just about having 24/7 support you can rely on. “Envirotainer customer service is global but local,” says Karin. “Singapore, Frankfurt and Dallas are each synchronized with the normal working day of our customers in that region. So they really know
the local market, culture and languages. But they’ve also gotten to know their local customers, understanding their specific needs and building relationships. Which helps us to respond and resolve issues or requests even quicker. It’s all about being fully immersed in the customers’ world and their needs.”

It’s not about us, it’s about you

Customer needs drive everything – even the type of support available. For Karin, it’s clear: “We want to make it easy for customers to find the answers themselves. Different people prefer different ways and to go through different channels. Our end-goal is to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to get help from us.”

As a result, customers can visit the customer portal or get in contact with Envirotainer’s customer service using any device, and also choose whether to call, send an email or create a service case directly online. Whatever the request – from information about ongoing orders and invoices to more detailed operational questions like dry ice calculation, load optimization, technical support and container functionality. Ask and you shall know.

For Karin, great customer service is her passion. With 15 years at Envirotainer and working with Pfizer and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration before that, she’s as immersed as anyone in the industry. The last three years focusing on high-quality customer service and response/resolution times have been intense – and intensely rewarding. But what makes her proudest? Knowing Envirotainer customers are happy and that they would overwhelmingly recommend Envirotainer and its customer service to a friend or colleague. Because being there when you’re needed – and then helping – means everything.

Facts panel

Name: Karin Torvenius
Job: Global Customer Service Manager, Envirotainer
Family: Husband, son and 2 cats
Hobbies: Ice swimming (yes, in a freezing lake or the sea), detective novels and running


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