China Airlines first in Taiwan to handle a shipment of Releye® RLP container from Taipei to Shanghai

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

“We are honored to be the first airline in Taiwan to use Releye® RLP. We are very satisfied and amazed with the performance of this solution. With the addition of Releye® RLP, customers can be more confident in China Airlines’ services which will be adding values to both parties”, comments Bryan Tao, General Manager of China Airlines Cargo Sales Management Department.

With the approval of Releye® RLP earlier in June 2021, China Airlines has taken the lead to transport the Releye® RLP #30015. This success is also made possible with close collaboration with Leader Mutual Freight. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with China Airlines to introduce Envirotainer’s Releye® RLP temperature-controlled solution,” says Allen Cheng, CEO of Leader Mutual Freight. He continues, “This solution provides our customers with an economical and safe temperature-controlled solution throughout the entire transportation. Our customers appreciate it very much, once again thank you.”

The Envirotainer Releye® RLP is an LD11-sized unit with a unique air flow technology for maximum temperature stability in the aircraft’s cargo belly-hold. The RLP-size fits 3-euro pallets (or 2-US pallets) and fills a strategic gap between the larger RAP-size and the smaller RKN-size allowing for increased efficiency by mixing and matching sizes based on shipment volume. The Releye® RLP uses rechargeable batteries to power its electric heating and compressor cooling system and can power its system for up to 170 hours on a single charge.