Stay safe for 170h with the Releye® RLP – the new standard in temperature-controlled air freight

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After thousands of hours of hard work, Envirotainer is proud to launch the new 3-pallet size container, the Releye® RLP, the first true innovation since active containers. Envirotainer asked hundreds of experts in the air freight industry about the challenges they need to solve. Inspired by their responses and our own 35 years of industry expertise, we developed the Releye® RLP. It tackles every challenge in the industry today and complements Envirotainer’s RKN and RAP containers to maximize cost efficiency and load optimization for customers.

A temperature-controlled container that works autonomously for 170 hours

Envirotainer has invested heavily in developing its new temperature-controlled container and has reached out to hundreds of experts and stakeholders around the world for input. The result is a unique container that Envirotainer believes can make a real difference for customers as it meets the five key needs that the market is asking for: more control, real-time monitoring, longer autonomy, more value and improved sustainability.

“In today’s uncertain times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, cancelled flights, capacity restraints and constantly changing directives from governmental bodies, we know that stakeholders in the industry need solutions that they can rely on for extended periods. Our new temperature-controlled container Releye® provides over a week’s worth of autonomy where you don’t have to recharge one single time,” says Fredrik Linnér, Chief Business Development Officer at Envirotainer. He continues, “And obviously, if you charge it, it maintains the temperature and protect sensitive pharmaceuticals indefinitely.”

Maximize load optimization and cost efficiency with new options

The Releye® RLP complements Envirotainer’s existing temperature-controlled containers RKN and RAP, to maximize load optimization and cost efficiency to a higher extent than ever before.

“The Releye® RLP is a 3 Euro-pallet solution that complements our large RAP 5 Euro-pallet solutions and our RKN 1 pallet solutions. Also, the RLP format utilizes the space of only two 1-pallet solutions on an aircraft to deliver 3 Euro pallets. That corresponds to a 50% increase in volume efficiency. By complementing our RKN and RAP solutions, our customers can optimize any shipment volume by switching between solution sizes,” explains Eddy Cojulun, Chief Sales Officer at Envirotainer.

Optimizing shipping volumes is always important for cost efficiency and sustainability, now more so than ever with the capacity constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Optimizing shipping volumes is always important for cost efficiency and sustainability, now more so than ever with the capacity constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Maximizing volume shipped is also beneficial from an environmental perspective and can alleviate challenges as regards air freight capacity.

“Optimizing shipping volumes is always important for cost efficiency and sustainability, now more so than ever with the capacity constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Eddy Cojulun.

Latest technology for temperature-control of pharmaceutical shipments

With the latest developments of biologicals come higher requirements of the performance of temperature-controlled containers.

“Apart from 170 hours autonomy, the Releye® RLP utilizes the latest technology to provide a homogenous temperature in all areas of the cargo bay. It also comes with an airflow curtain that protects the pharmaceuticals when the doors are opened. This way it maximizes temperature stability in the cargo bay. In addition, it is designed with the latest electrical heating and cooling technology as well as advanced vacuum insulated panel technology,” says Bernt Anderberg, Chief Technology Officer at Envirotainer.

Full visibility throughout the supply chain

Sensor data helps customers continuously track their shipment and the status of the cargo.

“We know that our customers want to have full visibility of the location of their precious cargo. With full data from 18 integrated sensors, our customers can set up their own alert notification system based on their specific needs. Apart from being able to localize the container, they can also monitor important container capabilities such as cargo hold temperature and humidity, if doors are opened and if there is cargo inside or not, as well as ambient temperature and humidity,” says Fredrik Linnér.

Data sets to enable smooth qualification processes

Similar to Envirotainer’s RKN and RAP temperature-controlled containers, Envirotainer supports customers with the data required to facilitate smooth global qualification processes.

The most CO2 efficient fleet on the market and 100% climate neutral

Not only has temperature-control requirements become stricter in the last years, but also requirements regarding sustainability.

”We already have the most carbon dioxide efficient fleet of the temperature-controlled airfreight industry. With the Releye® RLP we are able to raise the bar further and achieve up to a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to passive solutions, based on life-cycle analysis. Also, worth mentioning is that we are 100% climate neutral already now in 2020, in scope 1, 2 and 3 (excluding use-phase)” concludes Fredrik Linnér.

Live Monitoring

The unmatched full visibility of the location and container sensor data lets you continuously track your shipment, as well as the status of your cargo.
This visibility allows you to proactively intervene should it become necessary.

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Releye® container

Setting a new standard for temperature-controlled air cargo containers, Releye® is designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight. With its unsurpassed 170 hours of autonomy (more than one week) it will maintain the temperature and protect the cargo longer than any other available solution, without recharging.

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