Cold chain with a warm touch

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

If you think customs is something to take care of after everything else is done, then Anna Klettner would like to have a word. Of course, it’ll be a friendly word and she’ll ask you how you’re doing first. But she’ll leave you in no doubt that handling customs well is as important as anything else in a reliable cold chain operation. And that she’s there to ensure that nothing gets in the way of delivering the goods to customers and patients. Nothing.

If you look at an operation like Envirotainer from the outside, everything is smooooth. Containers are designed, built to spec and introduced to the fleet seamlessly. Then the containers glide around the world delivering their precious, life-saving cargo to customers and patients. Before being magically repositioned to ensure availability for their next journey of delivery.

But, despite appearances, achieving Swiss-watch precision in an ever-changing, ever-surprising world isn’t easy. That world doesn’t understand clockwork. To serve that world, you need to set up a solid, reliable way of working based on years of knowledge and experience. Then have the time not just to solve unexpected issues on the fly but also to keep refining and improving the operation.  


Planning with a personal touch

For the people at Envirotainer, it’s about getting the details right while keeping the bigger picture in mind. And adding a little of their own personal magic into the mix.

One of those who sprinkles her magic dust as much as anyone is Anna Klettner, Envirotainer’s Global Customs Manager. Which is needed because customs can be the grain of sand that brings everything to a grinding, screeching halt. The stick in the wheel that knocks you off your bike and into the bushes.


The Gospel of Anna

As Anna says, “You just can’t take shortcuts with customs compliance. Not if you want smooth, reliable repositioning of containers and more availability for our customers.” And part of her job is to spread the word and her customs insights throughout Envirotainer. “People can say that their task is moving containers and spare parts and that customs isn’t our business. But it is. And I need to raise awareness and feed knowledge throughout – even to departments like R&D who want to know how their latest innovations will be classified.”

That even extends to passing on what she has learnt to customers and partners, with four new customs modules in the Envirotainer Academy. It may well come from her days as an elite basketball player and the youth coach who remains her biggest inspiration, but Anna is a real team player. One who wants to give back and share the experience and knowledge she has picked up during her 20 years at Envirotainer.


She’s the A in TEAM

Anna explains: “I’m so engaged in Envirotainer and so proud of what we do and how we take on new challenges everyday. And I want to help people with my experience. Helping us get better within Envirotainer and the industry we’re part of. But also helping patients get better … by making sure everything works as smoothly and reliably as it can, and the pharmaceuticals get to them at the right time and in the best condition.”

The ultimate goal of Envirotainer’s business and that of our customers – to reach patients and touch their lives – is particularly close to her heart. “I’ve been diabetic since I was 11 years old. So I always connect that to what we do and what we are shipping. And I know what it means to ensure insulin and other pharmaceuticals are handled correctly and delivered on time.”

For Anna, it’s personal. Working at Envirotainer is deeply fulfilling – whether she’s smoothly managing customs, solving any problems when they arise and sharing her knowledge with the team or saying hi to everyone she meets and asking them if they need any help.

“People always say ‘Wow! You really love your job!’ And yes, I really do.”



Name: Anna Klettner
Job: Global Customs Manager, Envirotainer
Family: Husband, 2 children
Hobbies: Watching sport, reading


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