Operational Update 16/02/2022

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

To ensure the continued highest levels of service and order fulfillment to our customers, Envirotainer will place temporary restrictions on Express Orders and add order management conditions related to Start of Lease (SOL) for Envirotainer RAP e2 containers only, with SOL at EMEA Release Stations. Effective 02/17/2022 we will be implementing a 3-business day rule between Order Booked Date and Start of Lease Date.

These rules will be in place until further notice for all EMEA release stations and as always, orders are subject to availability.


Look for further updates on the Envirotainer Portal, the Envirotainer Website or contact your local Envirotainer Representative.

* Order booked before 1500 local time of the Envirotainer Regional Operations Center (FRA)

** Based on operating hours of the local release station