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Emilie Eriksson is a driving force behind the Envirotainer Portal and it's development. Her job – and her passion – is to make sure portal users have all the online tools and information they need to run their businesses and ensure pharmaceuticals get to the patients at the right time. Today, the portal covers the entire digital journey and more. But you have the feeling that Emilie is only just getting started …

Most of the time a job title says very little. Sometimes it says everything. Emilie’s job title, Portal Experience Specialist, captures exactly what she does and what the Envirotainer Portal is really all about – giving people the full experience.

As Emilie explains, “It’s much more than a customer portal. Everything is in the portal and it’s built with all stakeholders in mind – customers as well as shippers, forwarders and airlines.”

In fact, it’s more like a portal for the entire industry that gives users the tools and information to run their businesses online. And it’s Emilie’s job to make sure that experience is as real, transparent and rewarding as possible for everyone.

Filling the gaps in the digital journey

Before the portal was launched in 2019, customers could use online tools for booking and ordering containers. Certainly valuable tools but only scratching the surface of the potential for users.

The Envirotainer Portal introduced a one-stop shop for digital services. And an entire eco-system that could evolve and grow by responding to people’s needs. “We listen to customers,” says Emilie. “Finding gaps in their digital journey and finding ways to make life easier.”

Guided by that responsive yet active approach, the Envirotainer Portal is now on a whole new level that covers the user’s needs before, during and after shipment.

Preparing for success

In the pre-shipment phase, users can order containers and access tools such as route planning and dry-ice calculations. As well as load planning that optimizes each shipment’s total landed cost and minimizes its carbon footprint.

Once the shipment is on the move, users can monitor Releye or Cryosure containers in real time via the portal. Giving them the peace of mind and the confidence that their life-saving cargo is doing well, and that everything is performing as it should.

Even when the physical journey ends and vital pharmaceuticals get where they need to be for customers and patients alike, the digital journey is still going strong. After arrival, users can access shipment reports. With this rich data showing times, temperatures and more, shippers in particular can recognize patterns and optimize for the future.

Learning to be the best

Because the best opportunity — in business and in life — is the opportunity to learn and get better. And that’s why the Envirotainer Academy is also part of the portal. For Emilie, it completes the scope and purpose of a portal that should serve customers directly and the industry as a whole.

“There’s so much there for all the stakeholders, with the courses and good distribution practices. It’s really about helping the industry and delivering the best approach.”

But don’t think for a minute that Emilie considers her job done. Emilie’s tireless passion is to keep moving forward and always look for a bigger, fuller and more real experience for the portal users.

“I love that I’m allowed to be innovative and have crazy ideas. Because everything is possible … we just need to work out how to do it. And one day you wake up and you just know: ‘That’s what we should do!’”


Facts panel

Name: Emilie Eriksson
Job: Portal Experience Specialist, Envirotainer
Family: Husband, 2 little girls
Hobbies: Gardening – and coming up with “crazy” ideas for customers


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