Envirotainer continues the growth journey with new owners

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

Envirotainer has today been sold by Cinven and Novo Holdings. EQT acquires Envirotainer, together with Mubadala.

Envirotainer is a global market leader in air transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. With the world's largest fleet of 6,700 refrigerated containers and close collaboration with airlines and freight forwarders, Envirotainer meet the pharmaceutical industry's complex need for fast and safe cold chain shipments where the pharmaceutical maintains exactly the right temperature throughout transport - from factory to end user.

Biological drugs are very temperature sensitive and large values are lost every year due to shortcomings in the logistics chain. Thus, Envirotainer has a key role to play in ensuring that vital treatments, such as vaccines, insulin and oncological drugs, reach patients. Envirotainer delivered 2 million doses of medication every day in 2021.

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