Envirotainer launches the Releye® RLP – simpler than passive, even better than active

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transportation of pharmaceuticals, today launched their latest innovation, the Releye® RLP, a temperature-controlled air freight container with a revolutionary new footprint, unsurpassed autonomy, fully integrated live monitoring, and a unique air flow technology for maximum temperature stability in the cargo bay.

The Releye® RLP fills a substantial gap in the cold-chain pharmaceutical air freight market, utilizing the space of two 1-pallet solutions to deliver 3 euro-pallets, increasing cost-efficiency by 50 percent. It is the first in a family of temperature-controlled air freight containers Envirotainer will roll out near term.

With its unique feature set, the Releye® RLP sets a new standard for secure cold chain solutions:

  1. Control. The airflow control within the container ensures a homogeneous environment independent of cargo placement or size of shipment. Regardless of the state of the outside world, the latest heating and cooling technology, combined with the new vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology, insulates the cargo from the most extreme conditions. The new airflow curtain reduces temperature impact if the doors are opened. The Releye® temperature-control systems are fully independent, providing total redundancy on all critical container functions.
  2. Live monitoring. Releye® RLP introduces a new dimension of visibility to the temperature-controlled air freight industry: the container status, in your hands, wherever you or your shipment is in the world. Its 18 integrated sensors provide a unique set of data points: monitoring of its location, temperature, battery level, humidity, door openings and if there is cargo inside or not, giving you a full grasp of the status of the shipment. Real-time monitoring allows you to instantly act and take personal control over the safe delivery of your cargo.
  3. Autonomy. Releye® runs unattended for over 170 hours. This means that the Releye® provides one week of autonomous operation, without recharging the batteries, protecting cargo even if stranded for several days. The autonomy is of course endless if the container is re-charged. This new level of autonomy also supports a quick and efficient Global Qualification approach.
  4. Cost-efficiency. The Releye® RLP introduces a new footprint that exploits the space of two 1-pallet solutions to house three Euro-pallets, saving more than 50% on air freight. Moreover, the RLP format offers a load height of 132 cm, the highest in the industry, all of which is available for cargo thanks to the improved airflow design. In combination with our other formats the RLP offers both increased volume-efficiency and flexibility. It becomes easier to optimize containers for just about any shipment by combining solution sizes.
  5. Sustainability. The Releye® RLP delivers up to a 90 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to available passive solutions based on a life-cycle analysis. The Releye® RLP is the latest example of our relentless pursuit of the total sustainability of our operations that led us to become climate neutral in 2020.

“35 years ago, Envirotainer set out to develop the world’s best containers for temperature-controlled air freight. It is with great pride we today announce the launch of our new Envirotainer Releye® RLP, a true innovation in secure cold chain solutions that sets a new industry standard for reliability with its live monitoring, intelligent cargo protection, unsurpassed autonomy and superior cost-efficiency”, says Michael Berg, CEO at Envirotainer.

Envirotainer has been leading the way ever since the beginning of the temperature-controlled air freight industry. The company has been driving the industry forward having released three generations of market-disruptive innovations, starting with the RKN and RAP dry-ice containers in the mid 90’s. In 2005 the second disruption came with the launch of the world’s first active heating and cooling container, the RKN e1, and then again disrupting the market in 2010 with the world’s first active heating and cooling RAP sized container; the RAP e2. The Releye® RLP is the culmination of 35 years of industry experience and is based on insights from customers, industry experts and stakeholders as well as data captured during shipments.

“Apart from 170 hours autonomy, the Releye® RLP utilizes the latest technology to provide a homogenous temperature in all areas of the cargo bay. It also comes with an airflow curtain that protects the pharmaceuticals when the doors are opened. This way it maximizes temperature stability in the cargo bay. In addition, it is designed with the latest electrical heating and cooling technology as well as advanced vacuum insulated panel technology,” says Bernt Anderberg, Chief Technology Officer at Envirotainer. He continues, “The validated data from the built-in and fully integrated sensors in the cargo bay provides a strong case for reducing or replacing other types of external data loggers.”

“In today’s uncertain times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, cancelled flights, capacity restraints and constantly changing directives from governmental bodies, we know that stakeholders in the industry need solutions that provides them with full visibility. The container, and its content, is monitored by 18 integrated sensors, in essence providing the user with his or her own personal control tower available from any device,” says Fredrik Linnér, Chief Business Development Officer at Envirotainer. He continues, “We know that our customers want to have full visibility of the location of their precious cargo. With full data from 18 integrated sensors, our customers can set up their own alert notification system based on their specific needs. Apart from being able to localize the container, they can also monitor important container capabilities such as cargo hold temperature and humidity, if doors are opened and if there is cargo inside or not, as well as ambient temperature and humidity.”

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About Envirotainer

Envirotainer is the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transport of pharmaceuticals. The company develops, manufactures and offers leasing of innovative container solutions, including validation, support and service, for pharma products that require a controlled environment. Thanks to a truly global presence with the world’s largest active container fleet, the most extensive network and more than 35 years of industry expertise, Envirotainer is able to meet the customers' need for innovative and reliable solutions - available from any location to any destination. The company operates through an open, global network of airlines and forwarders and the headquarters is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit www.envirotainer.com.

Quick Facts about Envirotainer

Thanks to a truly global presence, with the world’s largest container fleet, most extensive network and more than 35 years of industry expertise, Envirotainer is able to meet the need for innovative and reliable cold chain solutions for transport of pharmaceutical - available from any location to any destination.

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  • Envirotainer is climate neutral in scope 1 and 2, and in scope 3 excluding use phase, including compensation of all non-avoidable emissions.
  • More than 7,500 active temperature-controlled containers in the fleet, all container types are FAA and EASA certified
  • Shipping around 2 million doses of medicines per day for all major pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Covering more than 2,000 pharma trade lanes in over 100 countries and 300 airports
  • Over 35 years of experience – Envirotainer was founded in 1985

Releye® container

Setting a new standard for temperature-controlled air cargo containers, Releye® is designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight. With its unsurpassed 170 hours of autonomy (more than one week) it will maintain the temperature and protect the cargo longer than any other available solution, without recharging.

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Releye® RLP

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