Sebastien Pradal new Head of CryoSure® Sales

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

Stockholm / 14 January, 2022 - Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transport of pharmaceuticals, today announced that Sebastien Pradal joined Envirotainer as the new Head of CryoSure® Sales.

“As part of Envirotainer´s CryoSure® initiative, the company has developed a new role and new team, which will focus entirely on Cryosure®, which is one of our main strategies in 2022. Since Sebastien Pradal has a very solid background within the Pharma supply chain, he will be a key player in the implementation of Cryosure®”, says Eddy Cojulun, CSO Envirotainer
“I am very excited to be part of Envirotainer.

With this innovative solution, it positions Envirotainer at the forefront of supporting customers with cold chain shipping challenges, enabling delivery of critical temperature-sensitive products such as Cell and Gene Therapy and other biologics. Helping research to advance and facilitating access to health for patients are one of our main priorities”, comments Sebastien Pradal Head of CryoSure® Sales.

CryoSure ® is a revolution in cold chain transportation of pharmaceuticals, a -70°C solution, designed with todays and tomorrow’s high demands in mind. CryoSure® has unmatched performance, superior duration and is the most sustainable solution on the market.
Many pharma products and biospecimen samples require below -70°C shipments. More importantly, many new products within cell and gene therapy, clinical development, other non-finished products as well as mRNA vaccines must be transported below -70°C.
This technology fits perfectly into Envirotainer´s circular business model and is one of the most important parts of the company´s offering.


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