Envirotainer’s QEP program celebrates its 15 years anniversary

At the request of pharmaceutical shippers, Envirotainer introduced the QEP program to promote the safe handling of pharmaceutical products.

Since 2007, the QEP program has recognized those freight forwarder and airline stations who ship Envirotainer containers in accordance with industry good distribution practices. 

The success of this pioneering program can be measured by its awards and accolades, the number of participants or the tens-of-thousands of stakeholders who have been trained over the past fifteen years. 

QEP led the way for other pharmaceutical certification programs and has promoted best practices, the standard handling of Envirotainer containers while increasing the collaboration between cold chain stakeholders. 

In addition to providing official recognition, QEP offers participants with container lease discounts, free training, service development and quality consultation. 

QEP is a free service that provides real benefits to the industry and to those who ship Envirotainer containers. 

  • QEP simplifies qualification  

QEP provides a structured approach for assessing service providers that simplifies validation. QEP ranks stations according to Basic, Advanced and Expert criteria to give a quick overview. Envirotainer can provide more detailed station information as needed for vendor selection, risk assessment, qualification, and continued quality assurance. 

  • QEP ensures compliance 

Envirotainer engages stakeholders to verify data, review quality related issues and training. Envirotainer employs a system of spot checks, cross reference, and field reporting to monitor station performance. To ensure compliance, stations that do not meet prescribed standards are demoted or removed from the program. 

  • QEP improves service levels 

QEP is not just an audit, but an ongoing process of verification, improvement and training. QEP aligns procedures across the different service providers and their networks while providing free training to all interested stakeholders. Through our involvement with industry associations, we ensure QEP is compliant to the most current best practices. 

If you have any questions about the QEP program, please contact support@envirotainer.com or visit the QEP service page on the Envirotainer website for more information.  


(Article updated 9/28/2022 7:35:34 AM)