Envirotainer Ground Services Award

Demonstrate your compliance to GDP requirements with the Envirotainer Ground Services Award.

The Award recognises organisations that meet their GDP training obligations and promote the education of ground service providers.

Any organisation providing ground services to the healthcare industry is eligible for the award, including trucking, warehousing, ramp handling, customs and freight forwarding.

Envirotainer Ground Services Award Recipients

The following organisations have been been recognised by Envirotainer and have received the Envirotainer Ground Services Award


    Station Code(s)    

Expiry Date

BCUBE Air Cargo FCO, MXP 26th April 2019  
Cargologic AG ZRH, BSL, BRN 13th October 2019 Contact Cargologic AG
SATS Coolport SIN 23rd January 2020 Contact SATS Coolport 
Celebi Ground Handling BUD 23rd January 2020 Contact Celebi Ground Handling 
PACTL PVG 1st June 2020  
Perishable Centre FRA 15th August 2020 Contact Perishable Center
Düsseldorf Airport Cargo
DUS 06th July 2020 Contact Düsseldorf Airport Cargo
Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd HYD 18th October 2019 Contact Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo
Cold Chain Packing JED, RUH 25th October 2019 Contact Cold Chain Packing
Air Cargo Service of Vietnam HAN   9th November 2019 Contact Air Cargo Service of Vietnam
MW-Transport GmbH FRA 29th November 2019 Contact MW-Transport
Cairo Airport Cargo Company (CACC) CAI 17th January 2020 Contact CACC
HAZGO BRU 24th August 2020 Contact HAZGO
ULD Services México SA MEX 7th December 2020 Contact ULD Services
dnata GVA 13th December 2020 Contact dnata
Waiver Logistics EZE 3rd January 2021 Contact Waiver Logistics


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to receive the Envirotainer Ground Services Award?

An organisation’s station or office must show records that demonstrate:

  • Staff who handle Envirotainer containers have been trained accordingly
  • Staff have received training on Good Distribution Practices
  • Training should be completed by staff who handle Envirotainer containers and their Managers

Additional training is required if staff also perform container loading services

What training options are there to receive the Award?

The following training options are recognised:

  • The online Envirotainer Academy° Cold Chain Handling course (For all staff who handle Envirotainer containers, t Container Advanced Handling course and/or e Container Advanced Handling course (For all staff who set-up and load Envirotainer containers)
  • Face-to-face training conducted by Envirotainer approved personnel
  • 3rd party elearning that uses Envirotainer approved content

Is there a cost?

The Award and training using the online Envirotainer Academy is free.  Even those who choose not to receive the Award have free access to the online training.

How will my organisation be recognized?

The organisation’s station or office will receive a certificate and be recognised on the Envirotainer website.

What languages is the Cold Chain Handling course available in?

To aid understanding, the Cold Chain Handling course is available in 7 languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean


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