QEP Training and Quality Program


The Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality Program (QEP) recognises transport service providers who demonstrate their ability to properly manage Envirotainer container shipments in accordance with industry Good Distribution Practices.

The requirements of the QEP Program are defined in the QEP Program Participant Briefing and are summarised below:

QEP has been an industry standard for over 10 years and provides benefits to all cold chain stakeholders:

Industry Manufacturer Transport Service Provider

Promotes Good Distribution Practices

Ensures service provider competence

Benchmark for vendor selection

Easily assess a station’s capability

Reduced qualification costs

Free training

Proof of good practices

Assistance to develop quality systems

QEP Accredited Providers

To search for QEP accredited providers, please use the search function below. You can search by either:

  • Airline/Forwarder name to see which of their stations are QEP accredited
  • Station name to see which providers are accredited at that station
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QEP Basic Stations

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