Secure the perfect conditions for your healthcare products

In the course of a flight, cargo is often put through extreme temperature variations. With an active temperature-controlled container your healthcare products are protected when shipping long distances.

We offer rental of specialized containers for transportation of temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccine and insulin. Envirotainer’s air cargo containers secure the perfect conditions. All our containers have both EASA and FAA approval.
Envirotainer’s active containers support temperature ranges of:
● +2 to +8°C (+36 to +46°F)
● +15 to +25°C (+59 to +77°F) "Controlled room temperature" 
● >-20°C (-4°F)

With our deep knowledge of air cargo solutions, temperature control and thermodynamics, we also offer both cold chain services and customized solutions to our customers.

Active containers

Containers with active temperature control are available in two sizes: RAP, and RKN. A global network and flexible rental options form the basis for an unbroken cool chain. Read more about our container products.

How to rent

Rent a container when you need it. Choose from daily or monthly leasing alternatives within the Envirotainer network. Read more about how to rent.

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