How To Rent

Rent a container when you need it. It’s cost-effective and you always get a container that is serviced, checked and ready for operation.

Envirotainer covers all major trade routes for healthcare products. With the world’s largest fleet of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers, the right transport solution is always on hand. In order to achieve flexible solutions for our customers, we offer convenient daily and monthly leasing alternatives within the Envirotainer network worldwide.

Container Release

Envirotainer makes containers available at a designated area at the agreed Release Airport. The Release Airport is always an Envirotainer station.

  1. The container is delivered checked, cleaned and ready for service. Dry ice and batteries are not included.
  2. The lessee acknowledges that the container is clean and serviceable.
  3. The lease starts on the (local) calendar day of the container handover from Envirotainer or its representative to the lessee.

Container Return

At the end of a lease, the lessee returns the container at a designated area at the agreed Return Airport.

  1. Envirotainer or its representative inspects the returned container and determines its serviceable condition.
  2. The lease ends on the (local) calendar day at the location of container return.

Find the full instructions on our container return page.

Lease Period

The Lease Period represents the number of days from Container Release to Container Return.

Lease Types

More information about our different lease types is available at the page Lease Types ».

Standard Rates

More information about defined list prices is available at the page Standard rates ».

Damage Waiver

The cost of repair from damages occurring during the lease can be covered by a Damage Waiver and included in your contract. Read our damage waiver page for further information.


Orders should be placed as early as possible. Express Orders can be placed, but are subject to an Express Order Fee and availability. See our order page for how to order a container.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in a separate written agreement between Lessee and Envirotainer, Envirotainer’s standard terms and conditions for lease of a container shall apply. For more information about the Master Lease agreement, please contact your local sales representative.


Orders may be cancelled, but are subject to a cancellation fee.

Special Rules

For certain container types, special rules may apply.

Order Confirmation

Envirotainer aims to confirm orders within one working day after receipt.

For orders or additional information, please contact us

Customers with an existing contract: please use our e-strix portal or the provided order form found here as appropriate.

New customers or in the case of further questions: please contact the sales representative nearest to you.

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