Board of Directors

Photo of Tommy Wikström

Tommy Wikström (Chairman of the Board)

Tommy worked for AAC Capital Partners between 2000-2011 during which period he was involved in several Nordic buyouts. His key realisations include Flexlink, Iittala, Kreatel and IVT. Prior to his position at AAC Capital Partners, Tommy worked for Credit Agricole and FIBA Nordic Securities. Tommy holds an MSc from Stockholm School of Economics and University of Cologne.

Photo of Lars Sundman

Lars Sundman

Lars has more than 25 years experience from leading positions in the logistics industry. He has held CEO positions within ASG AB, Danzas ASG AB and DHL Express Sweden AB. Now semiretired, Lars is a member of the board in a number of companies combined with part time work as consultant.

Kristofer Runnquist

Kristofer Runnquist

Kristofer Runnquist, currently at AAC Capital Nordic, previously worked for AAC Capital Partners (2002-2011) making investments in all Nordic countries. His main engagements apart from Envirotainer has been Glud&Marstrand, Nicator, Empower and Viking Redningstjeneste. He has a master's degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a master's degree from Stockholm University and the Stern Business School.

Andreas Jacobsson

Andreas Jacobsson (Union representative)

Andreas has been working for Envirotainer for 10 years, his current role is as Investigator Engineer. He is also the chairman of the union club (Unionenklubben) at Envirotainer.

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