How to Lease CryoSure®

The CryoSure® service supports the entire shipment process through all its different stages, from initial onboarding and qualification to performance monitoring of each individual unit during the shipment and throughout its lifecycle. This ensures that every unit is performing perfectly when leaving Envirotainer. 
This seamless quality assurance process creates our Circle of Excellence, making -70ºC shipping predictable.

Become a CryoSure® customer

To support you with safety, speed and flexibility throughout the transportation of your products, we provide you with more than just a dewar. When you lease an Envirotainer CryoSure® dry ice solution it always arrives ready-to-use. No box assembly or dry ice refills are needed. With superior duration and unmatched performance, CryoSure® delivers your most treasured pharmaceutical products in perfect condition.

Planning and Preparation

Placing an order

Lease Details

Preparation and Transportation

Shipment Monitoring Services