Reaching the next level in active container handling

According to The International Air Transport Association, IATA, 20% of all temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are damaged or degraded in air transport due to temperature excursions. The consequences for the pharmaceutical company can be tremendous and for the patient that is dependent on the medicines it can be the difference between life and death.

At Envirotainer we believe it is our responsibility to provide training and facilitate the sharing of good practice to ensure that our temperature-controlled containers are inspected and prepared in the best possible way, for the benefit of the patients that depend upon them. That’s why we have trained over 16,000 cold-chain stakeholders for free during the past couple of years.

We will not stop training all involved stakeholders using our products. Therefore, we are offering training sessions in our online Academy, via virtual meeting sessions and on site at an airport close to you! These sessions could be a combination of academic and hands-on training covering the following topics:

1- Review container types (Releye®, e-container and t-container at high level)

  • Main container features (set temp, container temp)
  • Battery level indicators
  • Alarms and alerts

2- Conduct demo on live container for most prevalent container type out of station

3- Review major airline handling issues and corrective action (e.g., charging, battery changing, re-icing, ambient temp exposure)

4- Moving and storing container leading practices

5- Releye® container guidelines (Reviewing set temp, charging, handling)

6- e container guidelines (Reviewing set temp, charging, handling)

7- t container guidelines (Reviewing set temp, charging, handling)

If you are interested in a live training session, please contact!

Furthermore, we are offering a lot of useful and practical content on our website, such as Container Manuals, Best Practices for Handling and Technical Specifications of our Containers.