Envirotainer Ground Services Award

Ensuring the safe delivery of Pharmaceuticals needs to be at the heart of all stakeholders in temperature-controlled air cargo logistics. 

It is a complex process with many hand-offs across the whole chain, often touching multiple countries on its way to the final destination. The ability to early on identify risks helps pharmaceutical companies in their quest to get the vital medicines to the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. Training of cold chain stakeholders is key to providing consistent services and fulfilling Good Distribution Practices (GDP) regulations.

How to locate a qualified logistics partner

As cold chain stakeholders, it is important that we understand that for product quality to be ensured, an unbroken cold chain must be maintained. Since people are an integral part of the cold chain, Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines have made it clear that the training and education of ground service providers are essential.

Given this increased focus on the competence of ground service providers, and at the request of industry stakeholders, the Envirotainer Ground Services Award was created. This award serves to both recognize those organizations that meet their GDP training obligations and to further promote the education of ground service providers.

How to achieve the Envirotainer Ground Services Award

Any organization that provides ground services to the healthcare industry is eligible for the award, including trucking, warehousing, ramp handling, customs, and freight forwarding.

Along with promoting your organization on our website, any station that receives this award will also receive a certificate from Envirotainer for you to display in your office.

In order to receive this award, your station or office must show records that demonstrate:

  • Staff who handle Envirotainer containers have been trained accordingly
  • Staff have received training on Good Distribution Practices
  • Training should be completed by, who handle Envirotainer containers and their Managers.

Note: Additional training is required if your organization also perform container loading services.

Envirotainer Ground Services Award Recipients

The following organizations have been recognized by Envirotainer and have received the Envirotainer Ground Services Award.

Organization Station Code(s) Expiry Date
BCUBE Air Cargo FCO, MXP 13th April 2023
Cargologic AG ZRH 13th October 2021
Cargologic AG BSL 14th February 2022
SATS Coolport SIN 28th January 2022
Perishable Centre FRA 14th October 2022
Düsseldorf Airport Cargo DUS 8th July 2022
AISATS COOLPORT BLR 11th October 2021
M/s GMR Air Cargo and Aerospace Engineering Ltd HYD 30th October 2021
Cold Chain Packing JED, RUH 26th November 2021
Air Cargo Service of Vietnam HAN 20th December 2021
MW-Transport GmbH FRA 26th November 2021
Cairo Airport Cargo Company (CACC) CAI 28th January 2022
HAZGO BRU 18th August 2022
ULD Services México SA MEX 30th November 2022
dnata GVA 13th December 2020
Embragen GRU 28th June 2021
Shanghai Eternal International Freight Co. PVG 28th October 2021
Planzer Transport AG BSL 23rd April 2022
Fraport AG FRA 23rd November 2022
FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH FRA 16th June 2023

Envirotainer Academy

To ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals and to meet the requirements of a more demanding regulatory landscape, we need to acknowledge that training and education plays a vital role in safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transport.

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