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Ensuring the safe delivery of Pharmaceuticals needs to be at the heart of all stakeholders in temperature-controlled air cargo logistics. 

It is a complex process with many hand-offs across the whole chain, often touching multiple countries on its way to the final destination. The ability to early on identify risks helps pharmaceutical companies in their quest to get the vital medicines to the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. Training of cold chain stakeholders is key to providing consistent services and fulfilling Good Distribution Practices (GDP) regulations.

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Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality Program (QEP)

Created at the request of shippers of healthcare products and in response to industry guidance, the Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality program (QEP) formally recognizes freight forwarder and airline stations who meet industry standards (GDP) for managing Envirotainer container shipments.

Envirotainer launched the award-winning QEP in 2007 to promote the safe handling of pharmaceutical shipments. QEP has led the way for other pharmaceutical handling certification programs and has, together with some of the largest companies within the logistics industry, educated numerous people along the cold chain. The effect has been to both promote Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and standardize the safe handling of Envirotainer containers.

Envirotainer Ground Services Award

As cold chain stakeholders, it is important that we understand that for product quality to be ensured, an unbroken cold chain must be maintained. Since people are an integral part of the cold chain, Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines have made it clear that the training and education of ground service providers are essential.

Given this increased focus on the competence of ground service providers, and at the request of industry stakeholders, the Envirotainer Ground Services Award was created. This award serves to both recognize those organizations that meet their GDP training obligations and to further promote the education of ground service providers.

QEP Participant Briefing

The full requirements of the QEP Program are defined in the QEP Participant Briefing.

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QEP Accredited Providers

The Qualified Envirotainer Provider Training and Quality Program (QEP) recognizes transport service providers who demonstrate their ability to properly manage Envirotainer container shipments in accordance with industry Good Distribution Practices.

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