Delivering the first true innovation since active containers

Envirotainer asked hundreds of experts in the air freight industry about the challenges they need to solve. Inspired by their responses and our own 35 years of industry expertise, the team designed the first true innovation since active containers, the Releye® RLP.

Releye®. Simpler than passive. Better than active.


The Journey

35 years ago, Envirotainer set out on a mission to develop the world’s best units for temperature-controlled air freight. We have been on this mission ever since. And three years ago, we took a strategic decision to set out on a new journey to again drive this market forward. Here is a 2 minute video of how it all came together.


Global Market Launch Event

Did you hear? We revealed something big. Really big.

If you missed our launch event on May 5th that was joined by more than 1,000 cold chain experts and stakeholders, here is another chance for you to experience what they saw, the first true innovation since active containers.


Through fully redundant performance, and a human-error preventive design, Releye® RLP provides consistent temperature-control in every type of situation such as temperature extremes or unplanned door openings.

Temperature control is the cornerstone of reliability. The Releye® RLP marks the advent of a new era of temperature-controlled air freight logistics.

The Releye® RLP’s 100% airflow control within the container ensures a homogeneous environment independent of cargo placement or size of shipment. Regardless of the state of the outside world, the latest heating and cooling technology, combined with our new vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology, insulates the cargo from the most extreme conditions. The new airflow curtain reduces temperature impact if the doors are opened. The Releye® temperature-control systems are fully independent, providing total redundancy on all critical container functions.

Releye® is designed to protect your valuable shipments and establish a new industry baseline in cargo security. Never before has your cargo been this safe. 


Introducing a new dimension of shipment visibility to the temperature-controlled air freight industry: real-time status, in your hands, wherever you or your shipment may be in the world.

Imagine being able to monitor conditions in real-time, without waiting, delay or compromise. Imagine doing this on all your devices and instantly knowing exactly where your shipment is, and how well it’s doing. Imagine no more.

Real-time monitoring is the new reality.

Releye® RLP introduces a new dimension of visibility to the temperature-controlled air freight industry: the container status, in your hands, wherever you or your shipment may be in the world.

Releye® is always connected to you. Its 18 integrated sensors provide a unique set of data points: monitoring of its location, temperature, battery level, humidity, door openings and if there is cargo inside or not. No event will escape your attention, giving you a full grasp of the outcome of the shipment.

In these times of reliance on ultra-sensitive pharmaceuticals, real-time monitoring allows you to instantly act and take control over the safe delivery of your cargo. 


Break your dependency on the human factor. With up to 170 hours of unattended operation, and unlimited if charged, Releye® caters to most of all instances of air transportation with zero human intervention.

Shipping pharmaceuticals via air includes variables outside of your control, such as your reliance on resources and assets in the temperature-controlled supply chain, and their availability in unpredictable circumstances.

With Releye® RLP, we have done our utmost to reduce such reliance to a minimum. Releye® runs unattended for over 170 hours. This means that Releye® provides one week of autonomous operation, protecting your cargo even if stranded for several days. And, it goes without saying, the autonomy is unlimited if charged.

The new level of autonomy also supports a quick and efficient Global Qualification approach. The bottom line is that the Releye® RLP is simpler to operate than even passive solutions.  


Releye® RLP reliably delivers vaccines and pharmaceuticals at a new level of value. Offering both increased flexibility and more efficient use of the available volume, airline cargo holds can now be used optimally, adding invaluable cost-efficiency.

To deliver vaccines and pharmaceuticals on time and on quality is infinitely valuable. Releye® RLP makes this a reality, delivering value at many levels. RLP is outstanding in any class – compare it to either passive or active solutions. Let’s start with the new RLP format. Releye® RLP introduces a new footprint that exploits the space of two 1-pallet solution to house three Euro pallets, saving more than 50% on air freight. Moreover, the RLP format offers a load height of 132 cm, the highest in the industry, all of which is available for cargo thanks to the improved airflow design.

Releye® RLP in combination with our other formats offers both increased volume-efficiency and flexibility. We can optimize containers for just about any shipment by combining solution sizes. 


Reaching company-wide carbon neutrality in 2020, we have only just begun. Releye® RLP achieves up to a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to passive solutions.

As the first company in the industry reaching the company-wide carbon neutrality already in 2020 - we have only just begun.

Arguably as important as reliability is the sustainability of transport operations. In this respect, Releye® RLP sets a new standard in reducing carbon emissions. We have achieved up to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to passive solutions and we strive to go even further.

Sustainability is at the core of all our solutions. Releye® RLP is the latest example of our relentless pursuit of the total sustainability of our operations. Sustainability report 



See a short film about the volume-efficiency of the Releye® RLP.


See a short film about how the Releye® RLP provides homogeneous temperature-control.

The Releye® RLP is easy to qualify

  • Full qualification package available online
  • Designed for Global Qualification
  • Envirotainer cold chain team ready to support

The Qualification Package for the Releye® RLP is designed for a quick and efficient qualification process by the shipper. The tests scenarios cover 17 different temperature profiles, including stable temperature, standard profiles, and realistic trade lane profiles.

The qualification test reports demonstrate that the temperature control performance of the Releye® RLP is independent of ambient temperature, product load size, mass or position. This package supports a Global Qualification for any trade lane around the globe, be it typical or extreme in term of temperature profiles or possible delays and for any product load.

The Qualification package is covering the DQ and OQ step of the qualification and is available online for review. To start the qualification of the Releye® RLP, contact your local Sales representative or your regional Cold Chain Solutions Manager through


35 years ago, Envirotainer set out to develop the world’s best containers for temperature-controlled air freight. It is with great pride we announce the launch of our new Envirotainer Releye® RLP, a true innovation in secure cold chain solutions that sets a new industry standard for reliability with its live monitoring, intelligent cargo protection, unsurpassed autonomy and superior

Michael Berg
CEO at Envirotainer


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The Air France-KLM Group’s qualification process for the Releye® RLP is pending completion.

The Air France-KLM Group’s qualification process for the Releye® RLP is pending completion.

The Air France-KLM Group’s qualification process for the Releye® RLP is pending completion.

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