Introducing: The RAP for the future – part of the Releye® series

Efficient use of volume, consistent temperature control and a new dimension of shipment visibility.
Meet the new member of the Releye® family.

Simpler than passive.
Better than active.

The Releye® RAP sets a new benchmark for temperature-controlled 5-pallet solutions. The largest of the new generation Releye® containers, the RAP is the only one of its type in the world, combining big capacity with superior features. Designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight, the integrated live monitoring enables a unique insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment. With its increased efficiency and capacity, it reaches outstanding CO2 reductions per shipment, and is the future solution for secure cold chain shipments. All monitored and maintained with the new service Control Tower.

Unveiling Releye® RAP: The game-changer

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Envirotainer Control Tower
Open eyes.
Rapid response.

The Control Tower offers a dedicated team of operators to watch over your shipment’s every move, ready to respond within minutes of a critical event. With this service you can relax knowing we monitor your product around the world 24 - 7. The Envirotainer Control Tower service is included with all Releye® leases.

Download Control Tower specifications

Control Tower Specifications.pdf

Control Tower – A short intro

Control Tower – How does it work

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Ease of qualification

  • Full qualification package available online
  • Designed for Global Qualification
  • Envirotainer cold chain team ready to support

The Qualification Package for the Releye® containers are designed for a quick and efficient qualification process by the shipper. The tests scenarios cover 17 different temperature profiles, including stable temperature, standard profiles, and realistic trade lane profiles.

The qualification test reports demonstrate that the temperature control performance of the Releye® containers are independent of ambient temperature, product load size, mass or position. This package supports a Global Qualification for any trade lane around the globe, be it typical or extreme in term of temperature profiles or possible delays and for any product load.

The Qualification package is covering the DQ and OQ step of the qualification and is available online for review. To start the qualification of a Releye® container, contact your local Sales representative or your regional Cold Chain Solutions Manager through

Swiss WorldCargo is one of the first carriers to approve the Releye® RAP

Why Releye®?

The Releye® Platform is all about reliability and added value. When designing the Releye® Series we listened to our clients’ needs and challenges combining these insights with our 35 years of industry expertise. The result is the first true innovation since active containers and the most secure cold chain solution on the market.

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the five pillars of the
Releye® concept

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The Journey

35 years ago, Envirotainer set out on a mission to develop the world’s best units for temperature-controlled air freight. We have been on this mission ever since. And three years ago, we took a strategic decision to set out on a new journey to again drive this market forward. Here is a 2 minute video of how it all came together.

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