Envirotainer Releye® RLP & RAP Containers

The Releye® family of solutions sets a new standard for temperature-controlled shipment of pharmaceuticals.
With the increased efficiency and capacity, it reaches outstanding CO2 reductions per shipment, it is the future solution for secure cold chain shipments. All monitored and maintained with the service Control Tower.

True innovation

Setting a new standard for temperature-controlled air cargo containers, the Releye® containers are designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight. With their unsurpassed 170 hours of autonomy (more than one week) they will maintain the temperature and protect the cargo longer than any other available solution, without recharging. In most cases, they will be regularly recharged and keep protecting the cargo indefinitely. The integrated live monitoring enables a unique insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment and sets a new standard for secure cold chain solutions.

We listened to our customers and designed Releye® according to five integrated advances

1. Control

The Releye® containers utilizes the latest technology and software for a consistent performance in any shipping scenario. The airflow, which is within the walls, provides a homogeneous temperature in all areas of the cargo bay. Thus, cargo will be protected independent of size, mass or position inside the container. The solution also comes with the latest vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology that protects the cargo during the most extreme ambient conditions. Completely independent temperature control systems provide redundancy on all critical container functions.

2. Monitoring

The unmatched live monitoring of position, temperature, battery level, humidity, door openings and cargo inside, allows you to continuously track your shipment as well as the status of your cargo. Thanks to the full sensor integration of a Releye® container, you can set up a customized alert notification system based on your specific needs and requirements and get an early notification prior to arrival, which enables process improvements and delivery planning. This also leads to quicker investigations of risk assessments related to counterfeit, security concerns or shipment processes.

3. Autonomy

With unsurpassed maintenance free autonomy of 170 hours (more than a week), the Releye® container protects the integrity of the cargo. The 170 hours is more than any passive solution and unlike passive, it can also be recharged whenever needed. This autonomy is enough to also cover transit-time and delays, without recharging. As the Releye® has an excessive margin on its autonomy, it reduces the impact of process deviation, delays or unexpected change of route.

4. Value

The RLP format, a new revolutionary footprint size, utilizes the space of two single-pallet containers on an aircraft to deliver three Euro pallets, thus achieving a 50 percent increase in efficiency.

The RAP can house 5 Euro pallets (4 US pallets), offering the largest internal volume for your shipments and making a more efficient use of available air cargo capacity. The Releye® RAP offers the best value measured as Total Landed Cost. Quite simply: Releye® RAP ships the most cargo per unit fuel.

The Releye® containers has the highest internal loading height in the industry of 132 cm (52 in). Thanks to the advanced airflow technology, it is possible to utilize this height to the maximum. In addition, the Releye® solutions are designed and verified for efficient Global Qualification.

In addition, since the Releye® solutions are based on the exact same platform and technology, the additional qualification of a Releye® solution is the easiest in the cold chain industry and requires marginal effort from our customers.

5. Sustainability

Envirotainer operates the most CO2 effective fleet in the entire temperature-controlled air freight industry. The introduction of the Releye® RLP reinforces this market leadership. The Releye® RLP provides outstanding environmental performance, delivering up to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to available passive solutions, based on life-cycle analysis. Envirotainer’s operations are 100% climate neutral since 2020.

As the first company in the industry reaching company-wide carbon neutrality already in 2020 – we have only just begun. Releye® marks the advent of a new era of cold chain: simpler than passive solutions, and better than active solutions.

Arguably as important as reliability is the sustainability of transport operations. Our latest addition, the Releye® RAP, has the smallest CO2e footprint of all solutions in the industry. This due to its low weight, large and efficient cargo space in combination with outstanding reliability. With Releye®, we have achieved up to 90% CO2e reduction compared to passive solutions. Releye® is the primary choice when sustainability is a demand.  

Sustainability is at the core of all our solutions. Releye® RAP is the latest example of our relentless pursuit of the total sustainability of our operations.

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Features & Performance

  • Established and proven electrical heating/cooling technology, in combination with VIP insulation technology, provides superior performance regardless of ambient conditions
  • Impact-resistant exterior to provide maximum cargo protection
  • Integrated data-loggers provides validated temperature data accessible anytime during the shipment
  • Human error preventive design with authorized setting control to avid risk of tampering with the settings
  • Actionable alerts on the local container screen and live monitoring platform, provides full visibility for proactive and reactive measures
  • Unique air flow system delivers a homogeneous temperature in all areas of the cargo bay and allows maximized amount of cargo load
  • Airflow curtain reduces the impact of door openings

Specifications RLP

Specifications RAP

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The responsiveness, understanding, and control that the Envirotainer Control Tower offers customers a better service to ensure optimal process performance, risk management resulting in less waste. The Control Tower is an included service with every Releye® lease.

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Releye® containers

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