The Releye® family of solutions sets a new standard for temperature-controlled shipment of pharmaceuticals. It’s the most reliable solution on the market.


Looking for the most reliable cold chain solution?

Want to keep an eye on your pharma cargo? Wish to access Envirotainer’s global network?

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Control Tower

The responsiveness, understanding, and control that the Envirotainer Control Tower offers customers a better service to ensure optimal process performance, risk management resulting in less waste. The Control Tower is an included service with every Releye® lease.

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Live Monitoring

The unmatched full visibility of the location and container sensor data lets you continuously track your shipment, as well as the status of your cargo.
This visibility allows you to proactively intervene should it become necessary.

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Lease Options

We provide a large selection of lease packages and services for our different containers.

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Standard rates

Our customers turn to air freight for security, speed and flexibility to meet an increasingly regulated and commercially demanding business reality.

Leasing an active container (that is serviced, checked and ready for operation) for air cargo is a superior solution compared to other options available in the market.

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