New online services on Envirotainer Customer Portal

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

At Envirotainer, we were the pioneers in our industry to set up a customer portal where our customers could interact with us, when they wanted to. Today, June 18th, 2019, we have released another set of new online services on the Envirotainer Customer Portal to create a seamless and transparent customer experience. This is part of the continuous improvement program to enhance the user experience of our online platforms.

With this latest upgrade, our customers can, in addition to having access to all order data, access services like the Technology Transfer Package (TTP), which simplifies the process of qualifying a shipping solution. You can also access online services such as dry-ice calculation and make use of our Partner Co-marketing library for lead-generating activities.

To access the Envirotainer Customer Portal, click on the Login button at the top of the web page.

Online Self-service

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