The countdown begins! As we eagerly anticipate the official integration in September, Envirotainer and va-Q-tec are already embarking on the journey. Soon, we'll be seamlessly joined under the Envirotainer name and logo, uniting our strengths to lead pharma cold chain. Get ready for enhanced solutions and a new chapter in temperature-controlled logistics!

With the ongoing integration journey in full swing, Envirotainer and va-Q-tec will soon merge under Envirotainer name and logo . This unification represents our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in temperature-controlled logistics.

Exciting transformations are underway! As part of our integration journey with va-Q-tec, their esteemed products for pharmaceutical shipment will be rebranded under the Envirotainer banner. This strategic move emphasizes our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled reliability and innovation to our customers.

  While va-Q-tec products are undergoing a rebranding and integration into Envirotainer's line of portfolio, their trusted names will remain unchanged. This reflects our dedication to consistency and reliability.  

As part of our ongoing integration efforts between Envirotainer and va-Q-tec, we're committed to enhancing your experience through informative updates. Keep an eye out for valuable insights on our registration portal, ordering system, and station network, tailored to enhance your cold chain operations. We're dedicated to simplifying logistics and delivering exceptional service every step of the way!