World-class customer service becomes even better

Mattias Isaksson Head of Marketing & Communications

As part of our continuous improvement program and recognizing that the safe delivery of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals via air transport is a global business, Envirotainer is now taking the customer service set-up to the next level.

Today we launch a new, fully integrated customer support system, where all customer requests will be documented and processed, independent of if a request comes in via telephone or email. Any one of our customer service staff across the world can register a new request, track ongoing ones and close a resolved request. This will allow us to better, and in a more timely manner, manage all requests, independent of time zone, and thereby provide a better service to customers across the world.

“Envirotainer operates three regional operations centers which provides a number of benefits for our customers, explains Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at Envirotainer. He continues, “Our local customer service staff have a very good understanding of local market conditions and speak the local language. They also have easy access to other parts of the business to help answer customers’ questions and quickly resolve any issues. And maybe most importantly, they are in the same time zone. With this new set-up, we combine the local market knowledge with the power of a truly global organization.”