Live Monitoring: 24/7 real-time data on temperature-controlled shipments

Mattias Isaksson Head of Marketing & Communications

Non-stop control of your ultra-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Live Monitoring is a new track and trace service offered by Envirotainer that provides real-time data of your shipment. The system introduces a new level of visibility for temperature-controlled airfreight of valuable pharmaceuticals.

High degree of visibility of the complex temperature-controlled supply chain
The rapid development of biologics and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals has made the need for safe transport greater than ever. At the same time, the world has become increasingly uncertain with the COVID-19 pandemic. Live Monitoring is the solution for anyone who wants 24/7 control of their shipment, wherever it is headed in the world.

Live Monitoring enables a high degree of visibility in the complex temperature-control supply chain. It is an easy-to-use digital service that gives you access to real-time data of your cargo from any laptop or mobile phone. With Live Monitoring, you will always know the location and condition of your cargo and have the ability to set custom-made alarms to receive important notifications. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can instantly act and take control to ensure safe delivery of your high-value cargo.

Direct access to real-time data

“We have recently run a pilot with a global pharmaceutical company. Live Monitoring has proven to be a huge support for them. Better collaboration with forwarders and airlines, and having access to real-time data, help them keep track of their cargo 24/7. It also helps them fulfil requirements from authoritative bodies,” says Linus Wollentz, Head of Digital Services at Envirotainer.

Having the data available when we need it compared to receiving data every few hours after manual checks of the containers, changes the game in how products, their condition and routing can be monitored.

“Real time monitoring is a substantial part of our Pharma and Healthcare advanced and premium service offerings,” explains Cyril Winkler, Global Air Logistics Technical Product Manager Pharma & Healthcare at Kuehne+Nagel. He continues, “With the ability to not only track individual parcels, but also the entire container and its status, this gives us even better insights into shipment performance and allows us to proactively intervene in case any deviations should be detected. Having the data available when we need it compared to receiving data every few hours after manual checks of the containers, changes the game in how products, their condition and routing can be monitored.” Cyril Winkler concludes, “We are looking forward to the further rollout of Envirotainer’s real time monitoring functionality and the integration of the data into our systems to ensure seamless pharma logistics management.”

Live Monitoring is an integrated part of the Envirotainer Customer Portal. This means that you will have easy access to everything from orders, logistics and financial information to summary reports and real-time data in one and the same place.

Enabling transparency and collaboration across the supply chain

By easily sharing relevant information to other stakeholders in the Envirotainer Portal, you have the possibility to improve collaboration across the supply chain.

“We strongly believe in transparency and encourage collaboration; this is something that we strive to improve with every new service release to our customers,” comments Linus Wollentz. “Via the portal, all stakeholders in the supply chain can have access to real-time monitoring of the cargo. This enhanced service will ensure a safer delivery where everyone can be proactive, should anything happen along the way. Improved transparency and collaboration will also facilitate better analysis and follow-up.”

Live Monitoring

The unmatched full visibility of the location and container sensor data lets you continuously track your shipment, as well as the status of your cargo.
This visibility allows you to proactively intervene should it become necessary.

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