R&D at the heart of technology and with the heart to the people

Sofia Wiwen-Nilsson Head of Marketing and Communications

One way to define R&D is to talk about specialized technological innovation and optimization. But, on a more human level, you can also say it’s about dreams and how to realize them. Because in R&D there’s a lot of brains and just as much heart. And no-one understands that more than Bernt Anderberg, Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer at Envirotainer.

Bernt is CTO and CSCO at Envirotainer. We’re going to focus on the CTO part here, but always remember that the supply chain and delivering in the real world are never far from his mind. Because this isn’t about theory but practice. 

A bit of background first. Bernt came to Envirotainer in 2015 from the MedTech and Telecom industries with over two decades of solid experience in industrialization and R&D. And that’s where he found his professional passion. As Bernt says, “I quickly knew that the pace and quick feedback of R&D and Production was what energized me.” 

Pace. Spirit. Customer focus. 

At Envirotainer, the R&D department is no different, delivering pace and energy in spades. “It’s a quick-moving environment with lots of challenges. It’s all about thinking on your feet,” says Bernt. “And you get a lot of energy from the instant feedback from customers.” 

It’s a passion he shares with his colleagues and how together they build Envirotainer R&D. Bernt explains, “We work close together in a friendly environment. There is a great spirit – and that sticks out compared to elsewhere. We have something really special here.”  

And of course the customer – and the delivery – is never far away: “I love the culture at Envirotainer … how we operate, how we stick close to the customer and their needs.” 

Always thinking ahead 

Meeting customer needs is Alpha to Omega for Bernt and the Envirotainer R&D team. Even the needs customers don’t yet expect. “We want to stay market leader,” says Bernt. “And that means being proactive not reactive … always two or three steps ahead. With our technical competence and our ambition, we’re always looking to set a new benchmark for customers.” 

The latest benchmark has been the Releye® RLP container. For a temperature-controlled air cargo container, it  sets new standards in reliable performance, maintenance-free autonomy, efficient value and sustainability. But there’s even more, and this is where Bernt really lights up.  


The data potential.  


With a Releye® RLP container, customers get unmatched live monitoring of position, temperature, battery level, humidity, door openings and cargo inside. So you can continuously track your shipment as well as the status of your cargo. As well as customize alerts, get early notification prior to arrival, improve processes and deliveries, quickly investigate the risk of counterfeit, security concerns or shipment processes … the list goes on. As Bernt says, “With the potential to collect and monitor such rich data, we don’t fully know how this can be used yet.” 


Staying two or three steps ahead is all about reaching into the unknown. And that’s why Bernt and his team are ready and waiting for the customers that have a dream – and need someone to deliver it. 

Facts panel

Name: Bernt Anderberg 
Job: CTO and CSCO, Envirotainer
Family: Wife, 2 children (both engineers)
Hobbies: Getting out into the great outdoors – on foot or on his motorbike 


Explore Releye® RLP containers and their potential here: 

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