Learn how to use Envirotainer’s Shipment Report service in just 15 minutes!

Education plays a vital role in safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transport. Envirotainer offers training to all cold chain stakeholders, from ground handlers to manufacturers through the Envirotainer Academy.

Envirotainer Academy is here with everything that you need to know about our products and services in easily digestible training courses.We want to make sure that you can make the most of the tools that we provide you, but we also understand that your time is precious. That is why our trainings are designed to be short and effective.  

In the newest edition to our training catalogue, we will explore the Envirotainer Shipment Reports service including: 

  • How to view and download a Shipment Report 
  • Understanding the Shipment Report data 
  • How to use the data in a Shipment Report 
  • What is Data Sharing and how it can benefit you 

This 15-minute course has been developed using interactive tools and short tutorial videos to guide you through the service so that you will be navigating it like a pro in no time! 

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(Article updated 9/28/2022 7:35:29 AM)