Envirotainer Portal is more than just a booking portal!

Envirotainer Portal is built having all stake holders in mind to make sure that everyone has the information they need – whenever they need it.  It has something for everyone involved in the shipment process and not only for the lessee.

Envirotainer Portal was launched in 2018. A group of passionate employees work together with the goal of making this the best portal in the industry. 

“We love to listen to everyone involved in the shipment to get an understanding of their needs and challenges. I can´t describe my feeling when we find solutions that help people in their day-to-day job. The most amazing part is that our solutions result in getting life-saving pharmaceuticals to the patients all over the world in the most efficient way possible.” Emilie Eriksson, Digital Service Manager.   

There are lots of information and services that Envirotainer offers through the portal. Here are some examples: 

  • Planning all the shipments 
  • Live Monitoring: Track your shipment and be aware of everything that might happen to your shipment 24/7.  Live Monitoring is available for the Releye family, and it includes position of the container, battery level, humidity, door openings and the cargo inside.  
  • Control tower: There are dedicated people at this unit who monitor your Releye shipment and reach out to you if something happens. ”Do not forget to add your contact details for control tower. Read how to do it here”
  • Notifications: You can easily choose to be notified of any status about your shipment 
  • Documents: Here you will find all the relevant documents related to your shipment 
  • CryoSure: You can even find out the estimated duration of your CryoSure dewer during lease
  • Special offers – It is easy to keep track of all special offerings  
  • Invoices - Keep track of all your invoices and credits. Both new and historical once can be find here  
  • Reports: It helps you to follow up on your shipment after return. 

Envirotainer pioneered data sharing in July 2021 and since then all stakeholders involved in the lease transaction has the possibility to follow units in live monitoring in the portal, as well as getting access to the Envirotainer Shipment Report.  

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We love to receive feedback from our customers so if there is something you miss in Envirotainer Portal please don´t hesitate to let us know. 

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