CryoSure® it

With over 35 years of industry experience, Envirotainer is proud to announce the revolutionary cryogenic -70oC platform, CryoSure®, that mitigates the risks facing pharmaceutical shipping.

Ship it like lives depend on it.

CryoSure® it.

Our mission

Lives are at risk when the challenges in cold chain shipping result in ruined pharmaceuticals. Our mission was to create the easiest and safest dry ice shipping solution that reduces the risks and delivers your most treasured pharma product in perfect condition. Based on the Linde Seccurus® technology and Envirotainer’s extensive industry experience, we are proud to present the CryoSure® platform.  With superior duration and unmatched performance CryoSure® is a product of that mission.

Learn more about the 8 key benefits of the CryoSure® platform and how we put it to the test 

01. Superior duration up to 3 weeks

ISTA 7D summer profile validated for below -70°C between 8 and 21 days depending on size.

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02. Easy to handle

Pre-packed, pre-conditions and ready-to-go.

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03. Lighter carbon footprint

Completely reusable platform with 50-70% less weight to reduce emissions.

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04. Performance not affected by orientation

Sublimation rate and duration stays the same, no matter the orientation.

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05. Heat resistant

All models can withstand ambient temperatures of up to at least 60°C, while maintaining below -70°C inside

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06. Maintains -70°C if opened

Can be opened and closed without risking the product inside.

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07. Real-Time Visibility

DuraWatch® keeps track of the remaining duration for your shipment and it is also possible to add live monitoring enabling real time location, temperature etc.

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08. Robust Design

Made from high-grade and durable aluminum, the CryoSure® dewar is delivered inside a sturdy, foam-filled cardboard box for additional protection and easier stacking

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The challenges and solutions

Features and Performance

  • ISTA 7D validated for below -70°C for between 8 and 21 days.
  • The CryoSure® always arrives pre-conditioned and ready-to-to eliminating the need for any box assemly or dry ice sourcing
  • The CryoSure® platform maintains the temperature stable at below -70°C throughout the entire shipment period regardless of orientation.
  • The sample space maintains its temperature around or below -70°C even if it is opened.

Specifications for X1, X2, X5, X11

Envirotainer has been leading the way ever since the beginning of the temperature-controlled shipments and it is with great pride that we now have launched the CryoSure® platform. We believe CryoSure® fills a substantial gap in the cryogenic -70°C shipment market and significantly improves patient safety.

Peter Gisel-Ekdahl CEO at Envirotainer

How it works

Made from high-grade and durable aluminum, the CryoSure® dewar is delivered inside a sturdy, foam-filled cardboard box for additional protection and easier stacking. The product space is chilled to below -70°C with dry-ice pellets charged from the top. The walls are vacuum insulated to ensure minimal heat transfer. This unique design enables the CryoSure® dewars to maintain a stable temperature up to 7 times longer compared to any competing technology. 

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CryoSure® is available and can be booked through our customer portal today. If you are not an existing customer and would like to become one, please reach out to us and we will start the process.

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Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more about CryoSure®, do not hesitate to reach out to your local Sales representative or operations center. Envirotainer’s worldwide presence means it is always easy for you to contact us.

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