Good Reads #2: Industry 4.0 and South Korea as the main powerhouse of biosimilars

Pharma cold chain logistics is very complex with many stakeholders involved. We all work hard to ensure that pharmaceuticals maintain optimal quality all the way to the patients. At Envirotainer we believe that the best way to reach our common goal is to improve collaboration and mutual understanding across the logistics chain, we call it our eco-system thinking. Here, we share articles with our network that we think could benefit us all.

This week’s Good Reads covers two trends in the pharmaceutical industry – Industry 4.0 and the fact that South Korea has started pumping out enormous volumes of biosimilars (cheaper versions of biopharmaceuticals with expired patents).

Next Generation Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 (also called next generation manufacturing) refers to the new advancements in manufacturing with a high degree of automation, process control, process integration with suppliers and modular design. The result is significantly reduced defects, reduced production costs and reduced manpower requirements. Tim Alosi, Head of Global Data Analytics at Biogen, describes Biogen’s next generation manufacturing facility in Switzerland and the huge number of partners that have made it possible.

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South Korea

APAC has become one of the leading regions for the development and manufacturing of biosimilars. South Korea is now emerging as the main powerhouse, with leading biosimilar giants such as Samsung Bioepis and Celltrion. Did you know that two out of three biosimilars sold worldwide last year were South Korean products? The two articles here give some interesting details about the South Korean biosimilars success story.

Leading biosimilars opportunities for Asia

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Emerging as the biosimilars bowl of the world

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