Good Reads #3: More data helps to reduce carbon emissions

Pharma cold chain logistics is a very complex with many stakeholders involved. We all work hard to ensure that pharmaceuticals maintain optimal quality all the way to the patients. At Envirotainer we believe that the best way to reach our common goal is to improve collaboration and mutual understanding across the logistics chain, we call it our eco-system thinking. Here, we share articles with our network that we think could benefit us all.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A survey by global mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat suggests that the Internet of Things (IoT) could have a “pivotal” role to reduce carbon emissions in the transport and logistics sector. At Envirotainer we also believe that data is of immense importance to improve logistics.

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Sanofi has conducted a very thorough calculation of its carbon emissions and emissions of other greenhouse gases throughout the company’s value chain. This document gives a good overview and could be an inspiration for other companies. At page 5 there is an informative infographic of the emissions at each stage of the value chain.

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Another company that has calculated its emissions of carbon dioxide is GlaxoSmithKline, GSK. Also they have made an excellent infographic of their carbon emissions and explain how they work to reduce their carbon footprint.

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