Good Reads #6: The changing role of the pharma procurement function

Pharma cold chain logistics is very complex with many stakeholders involved. We all work hard to ensure that pharmaceuticals maintain optimal quality all the way to the patients. At Envirotainer we believe that the best way to reach our common goal is to improve collaboration and mutual understanding across the logistics chain, we call it our eco-system thinking. Here, we share articles with our network that we think could benefit us all.

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Value-creating Purchasing

With tougher competition, lower profit margins, and structural changes in the industry, there is an increased pressure on pharmaceutical companies to improve efficiency in all parts of the business. As a result, procurement has gained importance. Some years ago, McKinsey released a report on procurement that captured the trend of procurement becoming a priority for pharmaceutical companies, with an increased focus on reducing costs.

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Pharma Sourcing And Procurement

To broaden the scope and to improve overall value-creating for the business, the sourcing and procurement function in many pharmaceutical companies has evolved into becoming more of an internal consultant or partner to the business units. This article describes the present trend, where focus has moved from one-off, category-based cost-cutting to efficiency, as it is efficiency that in the end drives savings. At the end of the article there is an interesting interview with Robert Freeberg, senior director for strategic sourcing at Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc., who describes the close collaboration between the sourcing and procurement function and the business units at Adamas.

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Total Landed Cost and sustainability

How pharma can save money and be friendlier to the planet

In the pharma industry, approximately 90% of all carbon emissions are generated in the manufacturing phase. The biggest positive impact on carbon emissions the secure cold chain can have is therefore to ensure that every single dose that is manufactured reaches the patient securely and on time.

Reinventing the procurement process of pharma logistics

With the growing number of sensitive drugs, how can procurement keep transport costs under control while still adhering to necessary quality requirements?

Defining the best procurement process strategy for pharma logistics

To make it simple, procurement is about getting the right products and the right services at the right price. With complex products and services, however, the procurement process is more than just buying upfront. Integrated, multifaceted systems and services need a strategic approach that is focused on efficiency rather than costs. Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transport – with its many stakeholders, highly regulated environment and precious products – is precisely such an area that pinpoints the strategic importance of the procurement function. And with the recent development on the market, to procure logistics is not getting any easier.

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